What projects do GOOD Botanics support?
Currently our profits go towards the Mobile Apothecary project.
The Mobile Apothecary produces high quality herbal medicine for free distribution to individuals experiencing homelessness on the streets of London.

What packaging materials does GOOD Botanics use?
Our packaging ethos is based on practicality, functionality and have minimal impact on the environmental. Our products are stored in recyclable and reusable aluminium and glass. We occasionally use PET plastics for atomiser sprays and lotion pumps, but we are doing our best to find alternatives for these items.

Why use aluminium?
We choose to use aluminium for its versatility, and its environmental credentials as a readily recyclable packaging material that can be infinitely recycled.

Why use amber glass?
We choose to use amber-coloured glass because it is inert, does not interfere with ingredients and the dark glass offers a degree of UV protection to the product.

Does GOOD offer product refills?
We are currently exploring ways to offer a re-fill and re-use option for each of our products. We will aim to offer refill stations for upcoming products via retail outlets. More details to be announced over the coming months.

How can I repurpose or recycle my GOOD Botanics container?
We encourage our customers to repurpose or recycle their GOOD Botanics packaging. Our packaging can be processed in all recycling facilities. We recommend separating components and placing any unwanted glass or aluminium into council recycling bins, as these items are commonly recyclable.

Are GOOD Botanics products vegan?
Not all of our products are vegan. We intentionally chose to include locally sourced beeswax in our signature GOOD Botanics Skin Balm. We believe ethical bee keeping is an important part of the urban / rural ecosystem stewardship.

We also believe high quality beeswax is nutritious for the body, while simultaneously acting as a natural product preservative. All of our products are clearly labelled to avoid any confusion.

Are GOOD Botanics products organic?
Many of the ingredients we use are organic by definition, but not officially certified. We grow the majority of our own herbs using permaculture and organic farming principles. We never use pesticides, chemicals or industrialised fertilisers.

All other ingredients are sourced from farmers that adhere to sustainable farming and manufacturing systems, including zero use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Does GOOD Botanics use Palm Oil?

Are GOOD Botanics products tested on non-human animals?
None of our products are tested on animals. GOOD Botanics has never conducted nor commissioned animal testing for any product. Our products are inspired from age-old recipes that have been enjoyed by our families for generations.

How does GOOD Botanics select product ingredients?
We are meticulous in selecting and sourcing ingredients for each of our products. Our first considerations, always, are the health and safety of our customers and the welfare of the natural environment. Prior to release, each of our products must also pass a Product Safety Assessment and Toxicological review, conducted by an independent qualified laboratory. Please contact us if you have any questions on our ingredient sources or testing framework.

We grow our medicinal herbs in Bethnal Green, East London, and work closely with a network of small scale ethical farmers that uphold organic and permaculture principles for all additional ingredients. Yes.

Do you offer a wholesale discount for stockists?
Please contact info@goodbotanics.com for our wholesale price-list if you would like to stock our products in your community centre, shop or cafe.